Alu Cab 270° Shadow Awning
The 270 degree Shadow Awning, like all Alu-Cab products, is BUILT TOUGH!   Not only is it designed tough enough for Africa, but it is specifically designed to stand strong against the Cape's harsh winds and weather conditions. What makes this...
Alu Cab Dual-Cab Canopy Camper
The Alu-Cab Canopy was born out of the need for a practical solution for commercial and recreational access to a covered loadbin. Side doors allow access to the entire loadbin area without having to unpack contents.   The choice to...
Alu Cab Gen 3.1
The new Alu-cab Gen3 Expedition Tent has to be one of the best overlanding tents on the market. Its sleeker and more aerodynamic, giving the tent not only a better look but less wind drag. The Gen3 is lighter than its...
Alu Cab Hercules Rooftop Conversion
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Alu Cab Shower Cube
The Alu-Cab Shower Cube is a modular and universal accessory, designed to interface with all existing Alu-Cab base unit platforms. There are brackets available separately for: Generation 3 Tent, the Canopy Camper, Icarus & Hercules as well as most popular...
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